Trivia for August 11, 2018- Free pound of Tupelo honey

An easy one if you know your fables.  Tell the ending of the story:

He did not give his host the pain
His asking to repeat;
But first he blew with might and main
To give his fingers heat.

Then in his steaming porridge dish
He delicately blew.
The wondering satyr said, “I wish
The use of both I knew.”


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Now for the fun part.  I am going to add a coupon each week.  This weeks trivia Coupon word is TRIVIA.  Get $10 off any order of $30 or more.


Congrats to John in Sacramento, CA, for the correct answer last week. Our furthest west winner yet!

The question was,

What is the only bone in the human body not directly connected with/to other bones?

Answer was the hyoid bone.